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Our Features

Automatic Token Burn (ATB):

Out of the 3% transaction tax, 1.5% will be automatically directed to the ATB mechanism. Through ATB, a portion of JTT tokens will be permanently removed from circulation at regular intervals. This reduction in supply aims to create scarcity, potentially enhancing the token’s value over time.

Automatic Token Burn

Fiscal Transparency:

We believe in transparency and will provide regular updates on the utilization of funds from the transaction tax and treasury. The Justus Token (JTT) community can rest assured that their contributions are utilized responsibly for the benefit of the ecosystem. Treasury funds and expenses will be openly displayed and regularly updated, allowing community members to stay informed about how resources are being allocated.

Fiscal Transparency

Smart Contracts:

Smart contracts on the Binance Smart Chain will be utilized to automate various processes within the Justus Token ecosystem, facilitating secure and trustless interactions between users. These contracts will be thoroughly audited to eliminate potential vulnerabilities and ensure the safety of funds.

Smart Contracts

Decentralization on the Binance Smart Chain:

Decentralization will be a fundamental aspect of the Justus Token network on the Binance Smart Chain. Justus Token firmly believes in the power of decentralization to create a more transparent, fair, and resilient ecosystem. By embracing decentralization, Justus Token aims to eliminate single points of control and foster an inclusive community where every participant has a voice.

Decentralization on the Binance Smart Chain

Partnerships and Collaborations:

Strategic partnerships with other projects, influencers, and industry stakeholders will be pursued to expand Justus Token’s reach and visibility. Collaborations with reputable organizations aligned with Justus Token’s core values will foster credibility and trust among potential users.

Partnerships and Collaboration